New fully redesigned map!

Hi everybody! How's it going?

I hope you're doing well. As for us, we've been working even harder on The Eightfold Path. We started the map all over again (like we mentioned on previous posts) and completely redesigned the challenges. There's now more than one puzzle per step of the path, which increase in complexity as you move forward. You'll have to really think your way through the world. Some were actually a little too hard but we're working to make them intuitive and challenging but not frustrating.

Since statues (the final part of each step) are located in more dedicated areas, we made more tiles and props to have a much better atmosphere and a more complete ecosystem. There are more animals and new hidden wonders all around.

There's a lot of wisdom in the game. Quotes and phrases around the map will guide you through your way to enlightenment.

The cover art is almost complete and looks beautiful. We were actually thinking of including a poster if you buy the game at a higher price, what do you think?

Our music producer Nelson started working on the music and is now investigating and learning about buddhist traditional music. This way, the game will to have that ancient mystical vibe we want to give you.

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Take care!

Friendly Llama

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