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Eat all the fish you can as you dive through the cold waters of Antartica. But be careful! As climate change keeps getting worse, so are the odds of surviving.

And remember to swim up and breathe
or your life bar will drop to zero!

Things are getting pretty rough for animals around the world because of global warming. As the temperature of the ocean rises, the amount of food (krill and small fishes) and space (ice is melting) available for penguins decreases.

Active Wild: Penguin Species List
Penguin's World: Penguins and Global Warming
National Geographic: Antarctica Could Lose Most of Its Penguins to Climate Change

Code and art by: Manuel Varela
Music by: Nicolás Norambuena


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Bro! I love penguins! Im gonna install this now! Look so good and the music its so nice :D Gratz!

I hope you have fun :) Thank you so muuch

Wow, looking awesome!

thank youu :)